Why MyHilda ?

For older people, it is difficult to keep up with the ever-accelerating digitization. Although they have the opportunity to shop about shops, TV shopping, catalogs, online shops, delivery services, outpatient retailers and last but not least relatives. But each in itself is a compromise in itself and brings with it restrictions, such as age-appropriate access, the completeness of the offer (collective order) or a general availability.

In IT in particular it is necessary to solve critical success factors for IT-anxious and unexperienced people, to whom older people are more likely to belong. Critical success factors are such as applicability (classic online shop does not work), payment methods (simple, new ways) or accessibility (broadband expansion (esp. In germany) is still years away not optimal).

MyHilda is convenient to use, supports work in retirement and elderly care homes as well as outpatient and inpatient care. MyHilda relieves relatives. Permanent or even temporary.

How does MyHilda work

MyHilda works through the 4-stage sale:

1.First, the MyHilda-Bertater presents goods, ie everyday necessities such as storable food, drugstore and hygiene articles, clothing, laundry, etc. on a senior-friendly screen. This can also be presented on a tablet or a large TV screen. In addition, this can also be done in the context of a small event and if necessary, he has sample parts here.

2.The central point is that, secondly, in a personal conversation, the articles to be ordered are selected together.

3.In the third step, the ordered goods are sent by the various suppliers to the MyHilda consultant, who then hands them over to the customer in one shipment. If something is wrong, he can answer questions and takes back something if necessary.

4.Fourthly, this creates an indispensable relationship of trust with long-term care for the base of the target group.