Do you like what you see?

You are enthusiastic about the idea behind MyHilda? Then you support us – whether as a private person or as a company: Take advantage of the opportunity to invest in our business model and participate in our success:

MyHilda consultant

On the one hand, we are looking for trustworthy and reliable people who have an honest interest in shopping with older people on the screen or the VR-Glases with MyHilda.


On the other hand, we are looking for distributors who would like to distribute their goods through MyHilda and see the opportunity to develop such a grateful and loyal clientele.


We are looking for similar ticklers who would like to set new standards in solving the purchasing problems at the demographic and digitization interface. We discuss the scope and remuneration / participations. Basically, we are interested in a longer-term cooperation. In order to permanently strengthen our team, we are looking for a person (male / female) with good commercial and financial skills


In addition, we are looking for investors who believe in us and MyHilda.

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