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FAQ – www.myhilda.co


Answers to the most common questions

What is MyHilda?

MyHilda is an electronic product catalog designed for the elderly, which allows a MyHilda trustworthy consultants to provide older people with age-appropriate market access via the Internet. MyHilda trustworthy consultants are specific individuals who have a special relationship of trust with the elderly and who have the necessary social skills. MyHilda enables elderly people to meet their everyday needs, such as: storable food, drugstore articles and hygiene articles, clothing, laundry, etc. individually and limitlessly to meet at fair prices

What can I buy at MyHilda?

MyHilda offers a comprehensive assortment of women’s and men’s a standard range of everyday goods, clothing, daywear and nightwear etc. tailored to the needs of older people. In addition to storable foods, drugstore and hygiene articles, these include special products such as hearing aid batteries. If something is missing in the standard range, we try to get it.

What are the prices at MyHilda?

The MyHilda trustworthy consultant guarantees the consulting services and the non-binding nature of the well-known “specialist shop around the corner”. There are no purchase commitments, contracts and future purchase commitments. The prices are “normal” and not overpriced. The goods are labeled by the supplier and delivered excellently. In order to counteract possible concerns of relatives (“grandchild trick”, “later heritage”), a purchase maximum amount can be deposited in the system.

How to pay at MyHilda?

The payment of the ordered goods takes place via SEPA direct debit or invoice. Cash is usually not used.

How often does the MyHilda consultant come to me?

This is the sole responsibility of the customer. At MyHilda, there are no purchase commitments and there are no contracts for recurring services. However, it has proven useful to address older people at regular and reliable intervals.

Can I become a MyHilda Consultant?

Yes, sure! We need strengthening nationwide (f / m)! Just send us your e-mail to info@myhilda.co and we will contact you as soon as possible.

I have no knowledge about VR glasses, tablet, computer and internet. Is this a problem?

Not at all! Most of the processes are fully automated and the few steps you have left to do is give you an accurate look at the app. There is also free training material.

How did the idea come up?

The founder of MyHilda has spent more than fifteen years as an ambulant trader selling apparel in senior citizen residences and retirement homes as part of one-day exhibitions. It was impossible for him to serve everything from a fund. In addition, he has consistently found that older people generally have problems meeting their needs with other products as well. The background is that their range of action continues to decline and for 85-year-old according to the National Report of the Federal Government at only 200 meters.

What does the name "MyHilda" mean?

The first part of the product name refers to the English word “My”, to German “meine”. The second part of the name refers to the usual ladies name “Hilda”. The personalization should express the personal relationship of trust that underlines it.

Where can I download a MyHilda app, for example, to shop for my parents?

We are very pleased about the interest! Please send a short e-mail to info@myhilda.co and we will tell you where and how.

How can I support MyHilda? How can I help?

On the one hand, we are looking for trustworthy and reliable people who have an honest interest in serving MyHilda and accompanying the elderly on the screen while shopping. On the other hand, we are looking for distributors who would like to distribute their goods through MyHilda and see the opportunity to develop such a grateful and loyal clientele. In addition, we are looking for investors who believe in us and MyHilda. We are happy to receive inquiries by email to info@myhilda.co!