- Curated online shoppng for elderly-

MyHilda – Online shopping for elderly

The company developed an innovative way to offer seniors the possibility to better fulfil their consumer needs through an innovative VR online shopping platform.

With the help of virtual reality and trustworthy consultants, elderly and immobile people are able to make purchases on a special online platform. Furthermore, the VR technology helps the customers that are not used to online shopping to experience the products digitally and in 3D prior to buying them. Enabling elderly and immobile persons to follow their needs as a consumer also enables them to participate and play a more active role in the society, thus strengthening their autonomy and self-worth.

Restriction to the essential

The clear shop is coordinated to the needs of older people and does not mess with unnecessary things.


The MyHilda confident personally discusses what to buy. Bulk orders are possible.


Payment is secure and convenient via SEPA direct debit or invoice. We do not take cash.


The delivery is provided by the MyHilda confident. If necessary, he also takes care of returns.