About us

Ralph Keller

MyHilda is an online shop designed for senior citizens, with the help of which intermediaries of the target group 65+ enable senior citizen a friendly market access. Sales intermediaries are certain persons who are in a relationship of trust with the older person and have the necessary social skills.

MyHilda gives elderly the opportunity to meet their needs for daily necessities, clothing, lingerie, etc., individually and without limits at fair prices. MyHilda is home-based life-support, the specialist shop that comes “to you”.

I, Ralph Keller, the owner, has 15 years of sales experience in retirement homes and retirement homes. For me it is a matter of the heart to improve the delivery and living situation of this target group.

The starting point is that about 21% of the German population is 65 years old and older. Against the background of demographic change, this proportion is increasing to over 30% in the 2030s. Due to age-related physical and health restrictions, their mobility decreases. With digitization and, in particular, the speed with which it progresses, older people can keep pace less and less. They are less and less self-sufficient and depend on outside help.

The challenge is to provide these people with adequate shopping opportunities to meet their needs and provide them with market access to meet new needs.